Neck pain and back pain – both are the alerting signs of some minor and major disease you are exposed to. Such as, if you are experiencing the following symptoms –

  • Neck pain
  • Numbness in neck
  • Tingling and weakness, etc.

You may probably need to search for a doctor to perform the best Cervical Spine Surgery in Delhi. But before that, you should consult with joints and bones specialists, such as Orthopaedic, who may guide you better for the best treatment, which is quite helpful in preventing abnormal motion and functioning in your neck.

The second treatment offered to patients is Disc Replacement, which comprises removing the damaged disk between small bones that form the spine and replacing them with an artificial disk. The surgical treatment provides relief to the patients and improves comfortable head and back motions.

In most events, the uneven structure of the backbone is also an underlying cause of back pain or head pain. For example – Scoliosis patients may experience pain in the back, uneven waist, or uneven shoulders. Hence, Scoliosis Surgery is considered the best response to a patient’s condition.

If you are also going through a similar spine problem or you are unaware of your problem, then simply approach us at ORL International hospital, where the world’s best orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons are available for your treatment.